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If you are wondering why use poison to remove trees, here is the reason. Manier times it is not practical to manually remove a tree stump. Maybe it’s in a place where you can’t physically reach with a grinder machine.

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Maybe it’s between your house and the fence or a narrow walkway. In cases where using grinders might not be a solution, we use chemical treatment more cost-effectively. Chemical poisoning is also the best solution on worksites with several small stumps that just need to be killed off. In Australia, some vigorous tree species such as Casuarina may be poisoned to avoid stump re-growth. In order to stop any unwanted suckers developing, some exotic species such that are too hard and would take a long time to grind may also be poisoned. If you are planning to save some time, stump poisoning can be the solution. It saves you the headache of time and noise.

You may have faced uncertainty about whether to hold or remove the stump. Experts feel it needs to be eliminated. In the beginning, an old tree stump will not cause any problems. But the longer it lasts, the more difficulties you will face. When you are mowing your lawn, an old stump may become a stumbling block. Ree roots may wrap around and break, as well as lift pavement, water pipes, and foundations. In your yard, alone, an old tree stump can be unsightly, especially if there are weeds and other plants growing on it. In your yard, alone, an old tree stump can be unsightly, especially if there are weeds and other plants growing on it. For you and your family members, it can prove dangerous.

Stump removals become important when it is stopping you from enjoying your yard. In commercial property, if you are looking for a company that will do any size work, we are the people for you.

The stump will remain alive and shoot up volunteer trees after a tree is removed. Usage of human safe poison can destroy a stump to avoid this.

Knowing that poison will pass through the soil and destroy other stump roots is crucial. If you ask us to treat the stump with poison to stop any shooters and suckers since we only grind a stump to 6 inches below grade level, we will help you. Complete Stump Removal is committed to destroying or poisoning stumps of any scale. This can either be from trees that we have felled for you or from stumps left from other contractors or just inherited from your backyard. We use different removal methods-grinding with stump grinders, digger removal or manual removal.

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With the pedestrian grinder, grinders can enter narrow openings however in some cases it might not be enough. Tree stump poisoning is carried out predominantly using a plug technique. In the tree stump, a series of holes are drilled, plugs are inserted and the chemical is then released into the stump. As the top of the plastic plug closes the opening to avoid contamination of the surrounding environment, animals and pets are shielded from this.


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