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Most construction sites and infrastructure is built on land which probably had trees. For any construction removal of trees is necessary and simply cutting down the tree is not an option. Stump grubbing is essential for proper construction.

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Clearing and grubbing a landscape is a land developer’s first order of business. What is stump grubbing? This refers to the basics of land clearing carried out by someone who has bought undeveloped land that they intend to build. Stump grubbing will remove the stump from the roots and pull it out of the ground.

Tree roots may wrap around pipes and concrete surfaces and break them, as well as lift pavement, water pipes, and foundations. In your yard, alone, an old tree stump can be unsightly, especially if there are weeds and other plants growing on it. In your yard, alone, old tree stumps can be unsightly, especially if there are weeds and other plants growing on it.

Vegetation and surface debris are eliminated by clearing and grubbing the landscape once a site has been surveyed and any required demo has been conducted. Clearing involves eliminating all stumps. Grubbing refers to the removal after the clearance of the roots that remain in the soil. Grubbing extracts logs, leaves, and brush. Stumps are then ground with a root rake or equivalent machine or removed. Some heavy equipment such as a bulldozer, dump trucks, compactors, and scrapers are required for this. The site is ready for drain construction and grading once these land clearing basics are complete.

Homeowners want to remove stumps when they want to increase the size of their backyard space when they have a new garden area to be installed. If you have just a few trees and/or shrubs to clear a small plot of land, it can only take a day and a few tools, such as a shovel and a hand saw. For larger areas, it might be appropriate for big machines to come out. Chain saws, bulldozers, backhoes, or other heavy vehicles involve these. That is why you should call professionals companies like us. If the work seems too heavy, you can need to employ a team specialized in clearing and grubbing a stump.

Check with your local authorities for permits before you start clearing and grubbing your property. In order to not only clear the land but to dispose of timber, you will need a permit. Concerning composting and tree removal, rules can apply. Additional guidance on protecting the environment may be eligible.

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To find out about potential lines on the house, you may also want to consult with the local utility companies. Save it if possible if you end up with useful wood, as you might be able to use it on the project or sell it. Accept the procedure if you are cutting trees yourself. Bringing the tree down to a 3-foot stump is one way to cut them and then drive the stump out of the ground with a dozer. This technique extracts the roots from the earth, so the tree is unable to regrow. Give us a call today if you wish to hire us.


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