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The stumps are more than just hideous ground bumps. Yes, they do bring down the aesthetic value of your commercial or residential property but they are more than that. They can be unsafe for your property and people.

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If your kids play in the yard, stumps can hurt them if they stumble on then and seriously injure themselves. Stumps can also grow roots into the ground and cause issues with the utility lines. They are the breeding ground for bugs and critters that can damage other parts of your home is old stumps. Stumps pose a risk to walkways, foundations, and asphalt as well. The roots of a stump will begin to develop and expand into the pipes of your house, causing significant plumbing problems as well.

Stumps stick out of the ground and, with time grass and shrubs can grow around the stump obscuring it from plain view. Stumps can become dangerous, particularly in the dark when someone is walking in a yard and finds them unexpectedly. If someone stumbles on them while mowing the lawn, while the stump is obscured they can have life-threatening injuries. In order to prevent individuals from being killed, it makes sense to get rid of stumps. It can be a liability problem, too, especially if the public uses your yard for some purpose.

We at Complete Stump Removal grind stumps of all sizes for commercial and residential properties. Our grinder can fit through the opening of a 36-inch gate to reach your back yard with no trucks in your yard. We do efficient stump grinding so that your landscape can look organized and can be used for various purposes. You could construct a sitting place, grow a garden, flower beds, outdoor kitchen, etc. Our highly functional grinders with high horse strength do their job well on the field. Our grinder handlers have years of experience and training to take care of all stump issues at once.

We are quick with our work to grind the stumps that you need to be ground from your property. Whether it is one tree that you need ground off or multiple, our team can take all sizes of projects. We will dispatch appropriate equipment and machinery depending on the size of the project. Normally, we will grind the stump approximately 8 to 14 inches below the surface, which completely removes any visible portion of the stump. In order to plant fresh sod or grass seed, we then backfill the field so you have a level surface and plenty of widths. We grind those below grade as well if you have clear roots attached to the stump.

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When you want to use the area in your yard for new purposes, having a stump removed works well. Many residents request the removal of stumps from the Forest Tree Service so that they can then use the room for various purposes. We provide affordable stump grinding & removal and many other services to home & property owners. Give us a call if you would like a free estimate on your stump grinding project.


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