Stump Removing Services In East Melbourne

We provide stump removal for commercial and residential properties of East Melbourne. We are experienced and insured professionals who take their work seriously. We have the knowledge and training to carry on even the most difficult of stump removal projects with ease.

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At  Complete Stump Removal, We have some of the best stump grinders, stump extractors, and stump extruders with us. The experts can operate these machines with ease and work with it without an issue. The heavy-duty machines make our work easy.. In case a business needs land clearing after tree cutting and needs to excavate the areas, grubbing, and disposing of all the stumps to make it available for infrastructure let us know. We do large scale work and single stump removal with equal importance. Our professionals take their work very seriously. Even though our services are one of the best East Melbourne, we will never ask for an unreasonable price. We are transparent with the prices from the start so you don’t feel cheated.

We understand how important removing stumps for some of us can be. Whether it is a commercial, public or residential property, stumps can be quite obstructive. They can come in the way of mowing the lawn, they can come in the way of construction. If you have cut the tree for making a walkway or driveway, having a stump will hinder the construction. Pavement installers won’t be able to help you with the removal of the stump for that you will have to hire someone who has the proper equipment to do so. Our stump removal company in East Melbourne can help. We use various methods of stump removal. Opt for any of the below methods of your liking and we will give you a free estimate.

Stump Grinding In East Melbourne

Stump grinding involves grinding off the stump a few inches below the surface. The ground wood dust can be used in your garden as mulch. When you use these methods you don’t have to dig a hole or destroy the ground. You will get a plane and flat land that will eventually remove any traces of any stump ever existing. Our grinding machines will grind off even the biggest of stumps within few minutes.

Stump Poisoning In East Melbourne

While some stumps can be ground some can’t be. If the stump is in a place where big grinding machines can’t reach, you would have to report to the stump poisoning method. Although this method takes a longer time to remove the stump, it is certainly effective. Our experts will make grooves on the stump and pour the chemical that will slowly kill the stump from the top to the root. If you are afraid the roots might continue to grow even after the tree is cut, this is the method you can go for.

Stump Grubbing In East Melbourne

Grubbing is basically the removal of the stump from the roots. If the stump is small enough, this can be done without much issue. In other cases, grubbing becomes absolutely necessary only when the site is needed for construction purposes.

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