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In Melbourne and neighboring towns, the team at Complete Stump Removal has over 20 years of experience in grinding and removing tree stumps from properties. We have helped thousands of happy residential and commercial customers, to have an open and organized yard or lawn.

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We have outstanding reviews on various platforms and are people favorite because of exceptional work. You can rely on Complete Stump Removal to safely and effectively extract tree stumps of any size from your property at reasonable and affordable rates with our comprehensive expertise, modern equipment, and excellent reputation. We are committed to providing the people of Melbourne the best Tree Stump Removal service. Lawn cutting can be impossible if you have stumps. A stump gets in the way of making a clear sweeping cut of a region if you have a riding mower because it is raised up, and difficult to cut around with most tractors. That implies further work on a weed remover if and when the stump persists and/or digging out tall grass by hand around the stump. In order to promote their weekly lawn mowing, Melbourne homeowners were glad to get rid of a stump or two from your commercial or residential properties.
Complete Stump Removal considers themselves as the next generation of stump grinders. Our company’s cornerstone is focused on Confidence & Honesty. We believe in the highest degree of quality service for our company. We have unbeatable rates that are always happy to operate on the budget of our clients.

You want to know for a fact that they would not ruin your property while you are searching for a company to remove a stump. For a long time, we have been doing this. Your chance to join the family is yours.

Stump removal includes chopping the tree or stump down to the lowest possible point and then chipping the wood using a grinding machine. To allow us to go down 6-8 “below the ground surface, we have four different sizes of grinder machines so that we can remove the remains of the stump without causing damage to the surrounding environment. The resulting chips can then be scattered around as mulch, or taken away to a green waste recycler for disposal. Before we consider the job done, we can clean it up so that it looks perfect. We do the correct thing by taking away the stack of grinds and wood chips after the stump grinding process. We just offer the carry away service to customers when they inquire and pay. The excess stump grindings fill one truck and carry it to the dump yard.

To schedule a consultation and receive a free on-site estimate on tree stump removal at your property in Melbourne, or surrounding areas, call us today. We can also undertake full tree and stump removal at a cost-effective price, in addition to only removing pre-existing stumps. A fully licensed and insured stump removal business. We are looking forward to working with you. Give us a call today.

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