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Complete Stump Removal in Melbourne one of the best-known stump removal companies. We have 20 years plus of experience in residential and commercial stump removal.

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If you have an ugly tree stump on your property that you’ve been putting down, now is the time to finish it. If you think that just leaving the stump in the field will be cheaper, you are incorrect. Rotting stumps from the tree are eyesores. For cosmetic reasons, it is easier to have them removed to make their yard look better. We are proud of the people we hire and the equipment we own. When it comes to making the ugly stumps in your yard disappear, we do not mess about with axes & saws.

We carry heavy machinery that is specifically built to grind the stump below ground level or destroy the stump completely. The stump will be nothing more than a mound of mulch when we’re finished with it. No matter what your stump situation is, with our competent stump grinding services, we will get rid of the old stump. You can rely on Complete Stump Removal to safely and effectively extract tree stumps of any size from your property at reasonable and affordable rates with our comprehensive expertise, modern equipment, and excellent reputation. The mulch produced once the stump is ground down can be used for mulching your garden, flowing bed, and making your plants healthier.

Our Services

Stump Grinding

If you are thinking of stump grinding you should choose the best in the city. Stump grinding is the solution to many of the stump issues people have. If your stump is coming in the way of your yard, troubling you and you need immediate removal without having any harm in your property, calling stump grinders is the only way. Complete Stump Removal has large scale stump grinders that can grind away even the most stubborn and solid stumps to the ground. The gross involves a grinder that has blades attached to it. These grinders can turn the solid stump into mulch which you can use in various forms in your garden. If you do not wish to take the mulch or anything left after the ground mulch, we will take it away with us to the nearly dumping ground. We can also take necessary permits for grinding and disposing of the ground stump. Grinding is one of the best solutions for your stumps. They can be a headache when termites and ants infest it and they take up space in your yard. Many companies will ask for a lot of money for stump removal and probably destroy your property, not us. We are certified professionals and our reviews and rating on various platforms speak for us. We have the best grinders and grinder operators in town, when you need a perfect stump solution, give us a call.

Stump Poisoning

Stump poisoning might not be the best solution for stump removal but in certain cases removing the stump through poison remains the only option. It is certainly less expensive and a longer process. The poison is applied in the stump which slowly eats away the roots and kills it. There was no heavy machinery or loud noises. Our team will come to apply the stump poison and the rots will die out in a week’s time. Although the process is much longer the results are worthy. For people who don’t want to invest a lot of money, or don’t like the noise or have the stump in a place where big machines can’t reach, we highly recommend you go for a stump poisoning. If you have questions and don’t know if you should go for poisoning or grinding call our experts. They will answer all your questions without qualms. If you have pets and kids that can access the stump, it better to remove the stump with the grinding method than poisoning, however, if you are sure no one would be able to reach it and stump poisoning can be effective. In any case, our experts will let you know of all the pros and cons in your case and do the job with perfection. Complete Stump Removal is one of the few companies that provides stump poisoning.

Stump Grubbing

Stump grubbing or removal of the stump from the roots can be a requirement in certain cases. In infrastructure, removing the stump can be absolutely necessary. For construction sites where the base of a building or some other type of construction needs to be done, stump grubbing is needed. Small stumps from small trees can be easily grubbed out by the machines we have. We can do a site visit and determine the best possible solution for your stump. Stump grubbing will remove all the roots and any traces of the tree, leaving you a clean area that can be used in whatever way you need to use it. Removal and ‘grubbing’ of tree stumps is a significant aspect of site works. For any concrete buildings, such as concrete slab sub-floors or concrete footpaths, this is especially important. After a complete site survey, and prior to any construction work, tree stumps are usually removed.

Why Should You Remove Stumps From Your Property?


Get More Access To Your Lawn

Removing a tree from the yard should mean you will get full access to the lawn, however, with a stump taking the space, you won’t get as much space. If you are trying to use your yard for landscaping, adding components such as garden, sitting space, cooking space, or something similar, with a stump obstructing the way, you will have a hard time making use of the yard. Not to mention your pets or kids might stumble on it and hurt themselves. It will come in the way of mowing your lawn.

Another reason to remove the stump is for aesthetics. Having a stump in the yard doesn’t look the best. It lowers the beauty of the space and stands out like a sore thumb. Many people would try to remove the stump by themselves. No matter how small the tree was, stumps are deeply rooted in the ground. Getting rid of them by simply digging a hole is not possible. It takes a professional to completely get rid of the stump.

If you leave stumps as it is, the roots will grow and mess with the utility lines around. If the stump was too close to a sewer pipeline, the roots may damage it and cause sewer spillage.

No Job Is Too Big Or Too Small For Us

When it comes to removing stumps, no matter the size of the stump or the number of stumps, we will do it right. Our team has worked together to remove the stump with effective methods that leave your property flawless. We will take necessary permits if required. We make sure not digging, ripping of roots, or sorts are performed. Do don’t want to leave gaping holes in your property, that is why our team works meticulously for doing their job right. We will simply grind or cut the stump so the pipelines, electric lines, telephone lines, sewer line, or any utility line underground is not affected. When you need services you can rely on, we are the team you should call.

Why Choose Us?

Complete Stump Removal believes in fulfilling the client’s expectations. Whether you are removing one tree stump of a whole land full of stumps, we make sure to do the work fast and effectively. We don’t want to give you any chance to complain. Our team is hardworking. They are meticulous about the quality of the work. We make sure the operators of the machines are safe with proper safety equipment. They are given the best training to handle all kinds of tricky situations and do their job right. As far as being efficient, they are best at what they do. They do not slump around and slack off during off, and that is why we have some of the fastest working stump removal teams.

We will make sure all the stumps are removed from the bottom and any traces of stump are removed as well. With proper safety measures, we make sure your property as well as our employees are always safe.

Our competitive rates make one of the most sought after stump removal companies in Stump removal. We understand what the client needs and we stand on our promises. Our work is clean and organized. You will get all the estimates and communication before starting the work so you don’t have any questions. Our supervisors will take care of the projects from start to finish. We provide services for individual homeowners and big industries for large area stump clearing for infrastructure. We have worked with some of the big names in the industry and made a good name for ourselves.


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